384th Bombardment Group (Heavy) in World War II

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Holdings of the National Archives and Records Administration - aka 'NARA,' or 'the Archives' - pertaining to the 384th Bomb Group during WWII are presented in this album.

The smallest NARA unit of records organization is an archive folder containing documents: this archive will reflect that organization. That is, the documents in one NARA archive folder will be contained in one image album. The archive folders are contained in archive boxes, which will be identified in the image album title as a means to document the source.

Most of the material relates to combat missions, but some administrative content is present. These two categories are separated at the topmost level.

Combat mission-related image albums are grouped by month, and within the month albums, image albums are sorted by date and mission number. This was done to group all mission data together to facilitate browsing to the information sought, regardless of what archive box it came from.

Image albums containing non-combat mission documents will be grouped by type of information contained. At present (February 2016), these have not been identified.

Work began in earnest in February 2016, and will continue for the next couple of years. Status will be posted from time-to-time, and when complete, a summary report will be made available. For now suffice it to say that we have begun work on the project, which involves documents from 154 archive boxes (#1583-#1737). Also, 39 archive boxes containing mission strike photos will not be copied, as they do not materially add to the historical record, beyond what photos may already be in the mission folders.

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