384th Bombardment Group (Heavy) in World War II

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Laboda Crew

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Near end of training in the USA. - 2nd Lt Joseph S Laboda Crew

Inscription on the back (by Samuel H Smart): "To my dearest Sister, 9/7/43, The best crew (146) that ever went to England. (I hope)" Photo was taken in USA before orders were received sending them to England.

Rear, left-to-right: Sgt Robert Eugene Kerr, waist gunner (assistant engineer); Sgt Samuel Hayes (Sammy) Smart, ball turret (armorer); Cpl Morris Kalinsky, waist gunner (assistant armorer); S/Sgt James E Flynn, radio operator; S/Sgt Arnold John Hardtmann, engineer/top turret; S/Sgt Oliver Wayne Nutt, tail gunner (assistant radio operator).

Front, left-to-right: 2nd Lt Joseph Stanley Laboda, pilot; 2nd Lt Sidney Lewis Bush, co-pilot; 2nd Lt Thomas Southern Fornear, bombardier (nose gunner); 2nd Lt Vern Warren Crist, navigator (side gunner).

[Note: ranks listed on photo have been altered to agree with the order assigning this crew to the 384th.

Photo courtesy of Walter A Smart, 2013.

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Walter A. Smart
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