384th Bombardment Group (Heavy) in World War II

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Korky Then

Korky_Then.JPG Korky NowThumbnailsLITTLE JOEKorky NowThumbnailsLITTLE JOEKorky NowThumbnailsLITTLE JOEKorky NowThumbnailsLITTLE JOE

Buslee Crew

Jacket of Chester Rybarczyk of the John Oliver Buslee crew of the 544th Bomb Squad.
The artwork shows a picture of a bomb for each mission except for one mission, which is depicted as a boot. The boot signified a mission from which the boys had to walk back after a crash landing.
Photo uploaded by Cindy Farrar Bryan, daughter of George Edwin Farrar, 2015.

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