384th Bombardment Group (Heavy) in World War II

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546th BS

Pilot - 2LT James A. Gibson, 0815123
Co-Pilot - 2LT Robert H. Preller, 0758261
Bombardier - 2LT James R. Flowers, 0761291
Navigator - 2LT John P. O'Neill, 0707798
Engineer (MOS 748) - SSGT Henry M. Bowers, 35751259
Radio Operator (MOS 757) - SSGT Edward Gramc, 15100616
Gunner (MOS 748) - SGT James K. Gilmore, Jr., 33534645
Gunner (MOS 612) - SGT Kenneth Helderbaum Jr., 16160090
Gunner (MOS 611) - PVT Cornelius N. Lafferty, 33142327
Tail Gunner (MOS 748) - SGT Frank W. Kennemer, 18194626

Assigned to 384th BG on May 13, 1944. Above taken from 384th BG Special Orders 91, 16 May 1944.