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Myself by Ray f9 60 100 brite sun ptly ocast yellow filt 02

Myself by Ray f9 60 100 brite sun ptly ocast yellow filt 02.jpg ThumbnailsThumbnailsThumbnailsThumbnailsThumbnailsThumbnailsThumbnails

Back in 2009 I found and posted on Flickr over 300 35mm negatives apparently taken at Bassingbourn Base in England during the winter of 1944-45. The photographer kept some notes on the sleeve holder of each negative strip telling camera information and sometimes subject information.

Over the years many generous people have contributed information about the planes and some of the crews at Bassingbourn that winter. I have yet to find out the name of the photographer. There are eleven photographs of him altogether, with nine of them credited “Myself by Ray.” “Ray” is probably Captain Ray, the photo officer. Ray apparently borrowed the photographer’s Leica and made the shots all in one session.

Here is a picture of the mystery photographer with other photographs in the album as posted on Flickr.
If you are unfamiliar with the working of Flickr, there are small arrows on either side of the picture to navigate the entire set.

If anyone can add identifications or other information just post it under the picture. (Joining Flickr is easy and free) I would appreciate any information you might have.

Fred Clark
Phase65 at Yahoo dot com

Additional information provided by Fred via e-mail (entered by CFB):

I do not know the name of the man in the picture. He was the one responsible for the over 300 photographs I discovered that were taken in the winter of 1944 at Bassingbourn Army Air base in England. The photographs have been posted on Flickr and other places since 2009 and although many of the buildings, aircraft and other personnel have been identified, the photographer has not.

I was lucky enough to rescue these two books of negatives and through the splendid help from the friends on Flickr, I have been able to fill in a lot of information about them. I had no idea they were so rare until I posted them. Many of the WW2 archivists helped name the planes and finally identified where and when the photographs were taken.

Myself by Ray f9 60 100 brite sun ptly ocast yellow filt 02.jpg
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