384th Bombardment Group (Heavy) in World War II

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B-17 007.jpg Bice Crew in front of Damn Yankee

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B_17_007.jpg B_17_007.jpg ThumbnailsLuther I. Kelley, ID TagThumbnailsLuther I. Kelley, ID TagThumbnailsLuther I. Kelley, ID TagThumbnailsLuther I. Kelley, ID TagThumbnailsLuther I. Kelley, ID TagThumbnailsLuther I. Kelley, ID TagThumbnailsLuther I. Kelley, ID Tag

Bice Crew 547th BS
Back L-R: Unknown, Harry Neville, Frederick Griggs (CP) Ident by Col. Hale, Donald Masterson (B)

To Be Identified: William Bice (P), Richard Patefield (N), Bob Schepers (RO), Robert Atkinson (TT), Joseph McLimans (BT, Robers Congdon (TG), Luther Kelley (FG), Leslie Jackson (FG)

Aircraft: B-17G 42-102518 JD*K, "Damn Yankee"

2021-02-17 - Identification of Harry Neville added, based on comparison with photo #232885.


  • Roger Griggs - Tuesday 16 February 2021 21:31
    The caption under the photo Labeled Bice Crew 547th BS has Frederick Griggs correctly identified. I have the original photo. The notation next to the comment under DrNancy is not correct as John McNamara back row is mis-identified. 3rd from left, back row in "Eisenhower jacket" IS Frederick Griggs. I have no information of other crew.
  • DrNancy - Monday 7 October 2019 17:18
    This is a photo of the Neville Crew, as far as I know Griggs is not in this photo. This is:
    Back L-R: Cecil Hobdy, Harry Neville, John McNamara, Horace Denton
    Front L-R: Robert Olson, Jack Harper, Stanley Kania, Obert Lay, Angelo DeLauri