384th Bombardment Group (Heavy) in World War II

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  • Johan R Ryheul - Thursday 2 May 2019
    Photos were taken by Patrick Brion, MoD - Thank you very much for these kind words !
  • Jim McIsaac - Wednesday 10 April 2019
    Pictures 57 to 84: After visiting Grafton Underwood, Paul and I paid our respects to the Griffin crew at the American cemetery in Cambridge, England and then in March 2019 I was able to visit Robert Griffin’s grave in California.
  • Jim McIsaac - Wednesday 10 April 2019
    In September of 2018, my long-time friend, Paul and I visited Grafton Underwood with the assistance from Keven Flecknor and Neill Howarth.
  • thevintagelife - Monday 11 March 2019
    My father Arthur R. Bryant passed away Dec. 4th 1980.
    I located Billy Jackson who submitted these photos many years ago. Incredibly nice man, who I will forever be grateful for sharing what he had of my father, including these photos. Not sure if he is or anyone else. Would love to know though. Only 4 of the 10 survived and became POWs on Aug. 12,1943.
  • thevintagelife - Monday 11 March 2019
    Arthur R. Bryant: He was in George B Keck's crew.

    This is my father. I submited these photos many years ago. With his first wife Phyllis Hunt.
    I ended up being able to locate the two Air Force buddies pictured with him but now forget their names. I will post when I can find the info again.
  • mmeehl - Friday 8 February 2019
    This folder contains photos taken by Ervin Tischer, 547th BS Ground Personnel, as well as some of his documents and letters to his wife, Marie.
  • ptrschssl - Monday 21 January 2019
    I am friends with Keith Elleffson on FB.
    My Dad was co-pilot with Abbott and then later he became a pilot.
    He started flying missions in Nov.'44.
  • Kimmy37872 - Saturday 28 July 2018
    547th Squadron. Disney Crew. Salvage Queen 42-5853. Fredrick Disney is center back row. T/Sgt. Maryville Ray Galloway(my great uncle) is back row far right.
  • RobynLynnBurns - Sunday 27 May 2018
    My father, Robert Burns, flew with your grandfather, Edgar J Hayes.
  • Walden Hatton - Saturday 26 May 2018
    Are any of the great men still alive?