384th Bombardment Group (Heavy) in World War II

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  • - Friday 26 April 2013 20:04
    [b]Mission #2 Hamburg, Germany 25 June 1943[/b] Mission #2 Hamburg, Germany 25 June 1943
  • - Friday 26 April 2013 20:02
    [b]Mission #1 Antwerp, Belgium 22 June 1943[/b] Mission #1 Antwerp, Belgium 22 June 1943
  • - Sunday 21 April 2013 16:16
    [b]Crew ID[/b] Major Robert Thacker is not in this picture. He did not fly a mission on 8 July 1944 with Lt Koch. 1LT Wortman flew with Lt Koch on 8 July 1944.
    CPT Raymond L. Austin-B, Kneeling 2nd from left.
  • - Sunday 21 April 2013 12:34
    [b]Aircraft ID[/b] The aircraft appears to be the Black Ghost.
  • - Sunday 21 April 2013 12:31
    [b]Crew ID[/b] This is the same picture as posted by Tim Girard in the Registered Users Album, page 2.
    It is a picture of the Walter Richard Carpenter Crew.
  • - Saturday 20 April 2013 13:54
    [b]Aircraft 42-5771[/b] Aircraft 42-5771 was used in the States as a training ship.
    The photo was taken as a stateside base.
  • - Thursday 11 April 2013 17:12
    [b]Lead Crew 26 June 1943[/b] Standing L-R: Gordon Harris, The rest are Unknown at this time
    Kneeling: 3 Unknown, Budd J. Peaslee
  • - Thursday 11 April 2013 15:57
    [b]MAJ Robert Thacker[/b] MAJ Robert Thacker kneeling first on left.
  • - Thursday 11 April 2013 15:49
    [b]LTC buck[/b] LTC William Buck kneeling far right.
  • - Monday 8 April 2013 16:54
    [b]Samuel H. Smart[/b] Samuel H. Smart is standing, second from the left.

    The first man in the front row has a Flight Officer insignia on his hat. The Laboda crew did not have a Flight Officer when the crew was assigned to the 384th BG.