384th Bombardment Group (Heavy) in World War II

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  • mmeehl - Friday 21 December 2018 07:27
    This is a photo of the Mock crew, 547th BS. The men in the picture come from this roster: John M. Mock (P), Alexander Milne, Jr. (CP), Arthur Allen (N), Walter Puchalski (B), Robert Sweeney (RO), James Scott (TT), Wilford Price (BT), Wilmer Grubbs (TG), Angelo Patrizio (FG), William Poulus (FG)
    The aircraft is 42-97263 Lady Margaret SO*D
  • mmeehl - Tuesday 18 December 2018 07:01
    The aircraft is 44-6109 Ole Tulik JD*Q.
  • mmeehl - Monday 17 December 2018 18:01
    Crew after a practice mission with glide bombs. Back row: far left is Paul Spiers (P); far right is Joe Baggs (B), and cut off even further to the right is Col. Nuttall.
    Aircraft is 42-31484 Mairsy Doats JD*F
    Identifications courtesy of Ken Decker.
  • mmeehl - Monday 17 December 2018 17:18
    In front, left to right, Ted Goller (P), Joseph Cittadini (N) with injured hip, Clarence Reed (TT)
    Second set of three, left to right - Ray Howell (WG), Horace Walton (TG) with a sprained ankle, Irwin Bier (RO)?
  • mmeehl - Monday 17 December 2018 15:54
    The B-17F is 42-3441 Patches II SO*E flown by Dean, a flying spare which filled in and flew in the #2 position in the second element of the high squadron.
  • mmeehl - Monday 17 December 2018 08:50
    Back l-r: Newell Perkins (B), William Hoffmeyer (CP), Robert Swank (P), Harold Brolin (N)
    Front l-r: Russell Kosse (TT), William Mattoon (RO), Carl Johnson (BT), J.D. Martin (TG), Charles Richey (WG)
    545th BS crew
    Photo and identification by Nathan Mazer and Ken Decker
  • mmeehl - Monday 17 December 2018 07:15
    Hardstands/Dispersals 46, 47, and 48 are in the image. Stanek's aircraft was probably 44-6105 Sleepy Lagoon SO*P, which usually parked on Hardstand 46.
  • mmeehl - Monday 17 December 2018 07:06
    Back l-r: F/O William O’Leary (OB), Capt. John Shelley (AC/CP), Lt. Jack McCaine (PFF)
    Center l-r: 2nd Lt. John Lohn (N), Capt. Robert Owens (P), 2nd Lt. Mark Mason (N, GH)
    Front l-r: Capt. Julius Hoech (B), T/Sgt. Gordon Robb (TT), Jack Conlon (TG), T/Sgt. Thomas Benson (RO)
    Aircraft: 44-8649 Trail Blazer BK*X
    Identification courtesy Ken Decker and Jack McCaine
  • mmeehl - Saturday 15 December 2018 12:21
    The crew chief, Lawrence Coon, is on the right.
  • dpkdayton - Wednesday 28 November 2018 16:02
    I have this photo also! That is my dad, Robert Kotnik rear back!