384th Bombardment Group (Heavy) in World War II

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  • StoicPain1 - Wednesday 3 April 2024 06:39
    The man in the middle is my Grandfather, Loyd Helmley.
  • ljstevens - Wednesday 7 February 2024 16:46
    Lester Van Gorkom 384th Group 546th Bomb squad
  • ljstevens - Wednesday 7 February 2024 16:44
    My father was Lester Van Gorkom the person who took the photo. On April 9th his plane went down as well and he was taken as a POW and lost his right arm due to frac and poor care as a POW.
  • Steehan1 - Thursday 25 January 2024 10:58
    This is my grandfather! I never was able to meet him but am so happy to have come across this! If you have anything else on him, I would love to see it! Thanks so much!
  • RLMWWII - Thursday 21 September 2023 07:03
    Front row, first on left is my father, Robert Lee Miller (BT).
  • RLMWWII - Thursday 21 September 2023 06:48
    Front row, first on left is my father, Robert Lee Miller (BT).
  • mmeehl - Thursday 30 June 2022 14:04
    Sam Cicala, center
  • mmeehl - Thursday 30 June 2022 13:48
    Airplane mechanics (MOS 747) of the 546th BS (and one sheet metal worker, Ernest Braswell) in front of their barracks. The photo comes from Walter Michalojko.
  • Roger Griggs - Tuesday 16 February 2021 21:31
    The caption under the photo Labeled Bice Crew 547th BS has Frederick Griggs correctly identified. I have the original photo. The notation next to the comment under DrNancy is not correct as John McNamara back row is mis-identified. 3rd from left, back row in "Eisenhower jacket" IS Frederick Griggs. I have no information of other crew.
  • deitzmann - Sunday 30 August 2020 18:38
    I’ve been looking into my grandfather’s history and the history of WW2. This is the airplane he was shot down in. He became a prisoner of war but was able to come back home after the war. His name is Lester Van Gorkom. If you have any other information, please, please, email me @ jrstars15@gmail.com