384th Bombardment Group (Heavy) in World War II

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  • deitzmann - Sunday 30 August 2020 18:38
    I’ve been looking into my grandfather’s history and the history of WW2. This is the airplane he was shot down in. He became a prisoner of war but was able to come back home after the war. His name is Lester Van Gorkom. If you have any other information, please, please, email me @ jrstars15@gmail.com
  • P Bellamy - Sunday 16 February 2020 10:41
  • P Bellamy - Sunday 16 February 2020 10:39
  • P Bellamy - Sunday 16 February 2020 10:34
    Park at the junction of London Road and St Mary's Road, Kettering.
    Groundskeeper's House and Chapel in London Road Cemetery can be seen in the background.
  • P Bellamy - Sunday 16 February 2020 10:33
    London Road Cemetery, Kettering
  • RLMWWII - Tuesday 12 November 2019 18:13
    Robert Lee Miller (BT) - First on left lower row
  • MaintenanceChief - Friday 11 October 2019 13:09
    This is another test comment.
  • DrNancy - Wednesday 9 October 2019 12:55
    Oops- Frederick M. Griggs, I think.
  • DrNancy - Tuesday 8 October 2019 10:44
    My father is Harry W. Neville. I have two copies of this photo with names listed on the back, one typed, the other in handwriting I do not recognize. Both identify the individual in the last row, far right as John McNamara. The individual in the front row far left is identified as Merle Gibson.
  • DrNancy - Monday 7 October 2019 17:20
    Standing L-R: Cecil Hobdey, Harry Neville, John McNamara, Horace Denton
    Kneeling L-R: Robert Olsen, Jack Harper, Stanley Kania, Obert Lay, Angelo DeLauri