384th Bombardment Group (Heavy) in World War II

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John Fahr became the 81st Veteran of the 384th to sign the wing panel on 21 January 2014, in Naples, Florida.

Fahr was a B-17 pilot assigned to the 545th Bomb Squadron with his crew in September 1944. He completed his combat tour of 35 missions in January 1945.

At the time of signing, John was handicapped as a result of a stroke and dementia, and his wife was not certain he could - or would - sign the sing panel. However, when he saw the stained glass Triangle-P we had brought (courtesy of Keith Ellefson), he roused himself from his bed and said "B-17!" With a little effort, we were able to move him in an assistive chair out into the Florida sunshine, where he signed the wing panel without hesitation. He seemed to know what it meant. We then mentioned to him that he had been a B-17 pilot, and asked if he would like to write "Pilot" under his name, which he proceeded to do. It was clear that, deep down, John Fahr the warrior was still with us.

Panel host for this signing event was Fred Preller, assisted by Sal Scalia.