384th Bombardment Group (Heavy) in World War II

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David Lustig signed on 18 October 2012, at the reunion in San Antonio, Texas..

Lustig was assigned to the 547th Bomb Squadron 2 February 1945, as the Radio Operator of the J Drew Crew. He flew 23 Combat Missions, including the final strategic bombing mission of the war in Europe, 384th Mission Number 316 on 25 April 1945. Find out more about his service with the 384th on his personal page at David Lustig. Dave has written a very interesting and revealing book describing his WWII experiences. He gives personal insight into how "ordinary" young men become the stalwart defenders of Freedom to whom we owe so much. Not always a neat and pretty picture, it nevertheless reminds us that people will rise to the occasion, doing what must be done. For more information, look for "Initial Point" on the 384th Bomb Group "Library" page. [Please note that, although Dave wrote the date "25 OCT 45" on the wing panel to indicate the date of the last mission, he really meant "25 APRIL 45".]